Sunday, March 24, 2013

Maturing Espresso

The Espresso Transformation

Few people see the Espresso when it is all Crema.  You could be tricked into believing that it is an "air head".        Perhaps the roasting method deserves consideration but for now let's say that Freshly Roasted Coffee is the key which of course has to be supported by a well adjusted Espresso Machine.  This topic was also mentioned in a previous post.   The evolution is followed more closely this time. 
The first picture was taken 26 seconds into the extraction which continued for another two seconds.  The coffee is Cocamu (COCAMU is a coffee growers cooperative located in the district of Kirehe in the eastern province of Rwanda) roasted three days earlier.  The picture to the left was taken at the 4 second mark (after extraction).
 The Crema transforms into the liquid elixir.  The glorious description often depends on how badly the observer requires that first coffee.  The third photo, taken at the 11 second mark, is an indicator of the Crema to liquid conversion.  Unfortunately the graduated glass has rather coarse markings but they can be overcome by overlaying a grid on a printed picture.


Photo #4 is from the 20 second mark.  This is about when the client first sees the "magic potion".  Some may opine that a blend with a healthy Sumatran representation would be more appropriate.  That may be but it is outside the scope of this post.
 Photo #5, taken at the 34 second mark, is reasonably close to the typical serving time unless you yanked it out of the hands of the Barista which would only gain you three seconds and a frown
When are you served your Espresso?

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